"The best European restaurants choose charcoal from Baltics because of their finest quality: easy to fire up, long-burning and great heat output."


KRK Vidzeme produces organic charcoal. The main feature of the charcoal is lumpwood quality that generates: instant ignition with sustainable heat in 15 minutes; temperatures up to 300 C, pleasant natural flavor with great tasting. Flammable liquids are not necessary.


Already 10 years 99% of charcoal produced is exported to the best restaurants and supermarkets of France. The long term cooperation have proved the good quality of product.


Recently, the company has developed its own premium brand Marienburg. The name of the brand comes from the old name of the region where bthe charcoal is produced. More information about the Marienburg Restaurant Quality Organic Charcoal can be found www.marienburg.com.


The results of CHNO elemental analysis and analysis of HRF have presented the following results:
Hydrogen total ad – 3,40%
Carbon ad – 85,57%
Nitrogen ad – 0,47%
Oxygen ad – 8,84%
Sum CHNO ad - 98,38%
Sum HRF ad – 1,25%
Sum CHNO & HRF elements ad – 99,63
Total moisture – 2,17%
Inherent moisture – 1,67%