"The best European restaurants choose charcoal from Baltics because of their finest quality: easy to fire up, long-burning and great heat output."

About the enterprise

KRK Vidzeme is the largest charcoal production company in Baltic’s with expertise over 10 years. The capacity of the factory is 3500 tons per year.

The charcoal is made from alder wood bought from local suppliers. Alder wood several months is dried naturally before the start of production and therefore yielding to a 100% chemical free & environmentally friendly product. The rich wood resources of Vidzeme secure sustainable long term development of the production facility.

The technological experience of the company is developed by using scientific achievements. The production facility is constructed according to the technological project of Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry designed in 1999 by professor J. Zandersons. The produced charcoal has been repeatedly tested in the laboratory of wood chemistry products of Latvian State Institute of Wood Chemistry. The results showed that the quality of charcoal conforms to the European Union standards NF B 55-101, DIN 51718, DIN 51719, DIN 51720, DIN 51749. The implementation of new technology in the production process and management provides a higher productiveness and effectiveness of the enterprise.The quality of the charcoal is being controlled by an electronic thermal control technology.